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e-BRAIN Spring Newsletter

May 2023

  • Introducing our new study, CELEBRATE!

  • eBRAIN extension & parent testimony from Katarzyna

  • Svenja's research collaboration in Singapore

  • The Neuroscience of Consciousness

  • Goodbye to our research assistant, Maryam

  • A big welcome to our new research assistant, Nare!

  • Careers Day at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

  • Brain-themed crossword puzzle!

e-BRAIN Spring & Summer Newsletter

Dec 2022

  • Recruitment update and eBRAIN wins!

  • Meet our new team member, Corentin!

  • How to get involved with the eBRAIN Study

  • Summer and Christmas celebrations

  • Meet our new placement student, Olivia!

  • Stephanie’s reflection on her eBRAIN work experience

  • True or False Brain Quiz!

e-BRAIN Winter Newsletter

March 2022

  • What have we been up to? Mental health workshops!

  • Bettering our mental wellbeing through diet and exercise

  • A huge welcome to our new Masters Placement Student, Lucy!

  • Test your knowledge on our bodies and food: Food quiz!

  • An inspiring piece by Stephanie Sackey, one of our participants

  • Our Teacher Champion, Mollie, on collaborating with eBRAIN

e-BRAIN Autumn Newsletter

Dec 2021

  • What have we enjoyed most since things have opened up again?

  • What are our participants’ strengths?

  • Nuria is moving to a new job and reflects on her time with the eBRAIN study

  • What is a “longitudinal study design” and why is it important?

  • Meet our new team member and PhD student, Svenja!

  • What do our Teacher and Student Champions say?

e-BRAIN Summer Newsletter

Sept 2021

  • Why is the eBRAIN study important, what does the literature say?

  • The secrets in blood, saliva and urine!

  • Meet our volunteer undergraduate student, Saloni!

  • Number of participants from each of our collaborating schools

  • Mental health and science workshops at your school!

  • Comments from our participants!

  • eBRAIN wordsearch! Can you find all the hidden words?

e-BRAIN Spring Newsletter

June 2021

  • What have we been up to? Challenges and study visits!

  • Student champion, Katla – what is it like to take part in research?

  • Which brain areas are active when we think about others’ feelings?

  • Parent champion, Indi – why is the eBRAIN study important for parents?

  • The average eBRAIN participant’s sports activity and diet!

  • Teacher champion, Nicole – collaborations between eBRAIN and schools

  • How much do you know about the brain? Brain quiz!

e-BRAIN Winter Newsletter

Feb 2021

  • What has lockdown been like for the e-BRAIN team?

  • Update on the study – where are we now?

  • A huge welcome to our new placement student, Hritika!

  • Meet the newest member of the e-BRAIN team, Maryam!

  • Opportunities with e-BRAIN at King’s College London!

  • Take part in our Lockdown Creations Challenge and have your work featured!

  • Upcoming mental health events and dates

e-BRAIN Summer Newsletter

April 2020

  • Meet the team: Alice!

  • Welcome aboard the e-BRAIN study!

  • Upcoming mental health awareness dates

  • How to look after your mental health whilst social distancing!

  • MRIs explained...

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The team answer What positive change do you hope to see for women in STEM?

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Listen to the new Inspire the Mind Podcast!

Have a listen to the At the Back of Your Mind podcast

Listen to an episode of the At the Back of Your Mind, a mental health podcast created by researchers at King’s College London, who believe in having relaxed and open conversations about mental welbeing, making scientific research more accessible.

Maryam is one of the hosts and Paola is an amazing guest, providing her insight on the importance of diverse perspectives and voices in science.

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